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The Assyrian Studies Association Graduate Student Knowledgebase is a collection of graduate students from all academic fields from around the world who share an Assyrian background. Being part of the Knowledgebase provides opportunities to connect with fellow graduate students in similar fields, attend networking & educational events/workshops held by the Assyrian Studies Association, and get acquainted with various resources to help you along your graduate endeavors.

By joining our Knowledgebase, you will have access to:


  • Participate in our events (both online & in-person) such as Feedback Workshops where you can discuss your research projects, thesis, or dissertation; Graduate Student Reading Group where you collaborate with graduate students in your field to discuss the latest research; Fellowship & Grant Workshops where you can attend to learn more about applying to fellowships in your field; Programmings Workshops where you can learn how to program using R, the statistical software; and much more!

  • Get access to exclusive resources such as travel grants to conferences and more!

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