The overall aim of this oeuvre is to act as an instrument that will assist in the expansion of the Modern Assyrian language and in the conservation of the linguistic-cultural heritage of the Assyrians. It is a contribution of the Nineveh Chair of the University of Salamanca to the Assyrian cause, whose priority should lie in the dissemination of their language and, through this vehicle, their historical and cultural legacy.


It is a practical, methodological, progressive, and pedagogical grammar that systematizes the Modern Assyrian language, while at the same time considers the contemporary and innovative linguistic tools required for learning a modern language. 


The work presented is divided into three large sections: writing system and phonetics, morphology, and syntax. For practical reasons, these sections are presented independently, even though the section on morphology can not be addressed completely in isolation from syntax. Additionally, a vocabulary list of the words used throughout the book has been included at the end to permit the reader to progress in an orderly manner. This bilingual word list will e useful for carrying out the exercises that aim to reinforce the explanation of the grammatical cases.


All proceeds support the Assyrian Studies Association's mission.

Grammar of the Modern Assyrian Language by Dr. Efrem Yildiz

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