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Deadline: September 1, 2022 (closed)

The Assyrian Studies Association invites proposals for a feasible research project about Assyrians in any field within the humanities and social sciences. Funding up to $2,000 is available to graduate students in an MA or Ph.D. program from an accredited university, post-doctoral researchers, and those currently holding an academic position (e.g. academic researcher, professor).

Funds from the grant can be used for the following, but are not limited to: Conducting fieldwork (e.g., travel expenses), journal publication costs, dissertation completion, conference presentation fees, software required to conduct research (e.g., ARC GIS, etc.).

Important Information & Disclosure:

  1. Please note that funds from this grant are not to be used as personal stipend and is strictly to be used to fund your research project. 

  2. There is also an expectation that grant recipients will submit a one-to-three page grant report describing how the funds were spent and an itemized copy of all purchases made with the funds within one-year of receiving the grant. It is the sole responsibility of the grantee to submit the grant report to the Executive Director, Alexandra Lazar (contact information below).

  3. In addition, grant recipient will be invited and required to present their research at the upcoming Assyrian Studies Association Symposium in 2023.

Application Requirements:

  1. ​​Research covering the promotion of Assyrian culture and heritage within the field of social sciences and/or humanities

  2. Currently holding an academic position/ currently a graduate student / post-doctoral student

  3. Submission of an online grant application*

  4. CV

  5. Project budget, listing the proposed expenses for your research project

  6. Research proposal, explaining what you will investigate, why it’s important, and how you will do the research. Proposal should not be longer than 10 pages double-spaced

  7. Graduate student applicants will need to submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members to be emailed directly to

  8. Deadline: Thursday, September 1, 2022

View frequently asked questions here. 

Please note that NO late applications will be accepted after the deadline.

*Should you wish to submit grant application via email, please download the application and email to Assyrian Studies Association's Executive Director, Alexandra Lazar at 


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