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JULY 15 - AUG 5

Recreating Ancient Art Patterns from Mesopotamia: Assyria, Sumer & Babylonia

Date: July 15 - August 5, 2021 (4-weeks)

Instructor: Noora Badeen

Method: Virtual (online). Art supplies needed (see below).

Cost: Free. Suggested donation $100. (Donations directly benefit the Assyrian Studies Association's Preserving Assyria program.)

(Last day to register: July 15)

Noora Badeen,


Noora Badeen Assyrian Artist born in Baghdad Iraq moved to the United States in 2012 as a refugee. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2020.


Noora teaches online art at Assyrian Cultural Foundation 2020-Present. 

She loves teaching and sharing her artwork with students which help them to develop problem-solving abilities and a better understanding of themselves while building a strong art foundation.


She has had several exhibitions in Chicago “Voice of Race” was awarded first place at Oakton Community College 2015. Another show in Iraq called “Women for Women International” received a special recognition from the Women for Women International Organization, Washington, District of Columbia in 2006. Several of her paintings are permanently on display at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2018-present. She won in a “Competition & Exhibition” with Contemporary Art Gallery Online for their International Call for Artist women in their 7th Annual 2021 “ALL Women Artist.” Currently, she is painting a mural with Assyrian Club at Niles North High School in Chicago IL 2021.

Art Supplies,

Required for the workshop

(student must purchase)

Please purchase as soon as possible to make sure your supplies arrive before the workshop begins!

Art Supplies Required:

-XL Watercolor Pad (30 sheet set)

-Blackwing Matte Black Artist Pencils 

- Artist's Loft 8 by 10'' Canvas (2 pack)

-Artist's Loft All-Media Kit that includes 28 watercolor pencils, 10 acrylic paints, 6 bristle brushes, 1 vinyl eraser, 2-hole metal sharpener, 3 plastic palettes, 12 oil paints, 12 watercolor paints, and 28 color pencils.

Frequently asked questions

Who can register for this virtual art workshop?

This 4-week virtual workshop is open to everyone with or without art experience. We suggest anyone over the age of 16+.

What time does the workshop begin?

If your from Los Angeles (or from the west coast), the workshops begin exactly at 6pm and end at 7:30pm. If you are from Chicago (or from the midwest), the workshops begin exactly at 8pm and end at 9:30pm If you are from New York (or from the east coast), the workshops begin exactly at 9pm and end at 10:30pm.

Do I need to have prior art expierence to join?

Not at all! We welcome all who are interested in learning how to draw and paint Ancient Mesopotamian patterns! We do however suggest those 16-years-old and older as the workshop might be too advanced for children under 16.

Do I have to purchase the art supplies for this workshop?

Yes. Please download the 'Ary Supply List' that includes all the supplies necessary for the workshop.

JUNE 21 - JULY 23

Summer Online Course, "The Heirs of Ashur: Assyrian History and Culture 19th-21st Century

Date: June 21 - July 23, 2021

Instructor: Dr. Sargon Donabed, Associate Professor of History at Roger Williams University.

Method: Asynchronous (complete work at your own pace) and there will be 2 synchronous meetings per week (TBD).

Cost: Participants may earn three credits towards their degree or can register to audit the course. Those who register for credit will receive 15% tuition discount (no promo code necessary). Tuition rates for the 3 credit online course is $1,104.15 (with the 15% discount) and those who wish to audit the course, the fee is $477.


How to Register?

(Download Step-by-Step Guide with photos)

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