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 Frequently Asked Questions:
Assyrian Academic Research Grant


Who can apply?

Graduate students in an MA or Ph.D. program from an accredited university, post-doctoral researchers, and those currently holding an academic position (e.g. academic researcher, professor).


Research covering the promotion of Assyrian culture and heritage within the field of social sciences and/or humanities.


How do I apply and what do I need to submit?

Submit an electronic copy of your full application via email to:


The materials needed to submit include:  grant application, CV, project budget, research proposal, and if you are a graduate student, submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members who know you well.


What is the funding opportunity?

Funding up to $2,000 is available.


Who should I contact if I have questions about the application?


For all grant inquires, please email us at:


What can the grant funds be used for?

Funds from the grant may be used for the following, but are not limited to:


Conduct fieldwork

Journal publication costs

Data collection costs

Conference presentation fees and associated costs

Software required to conduct research


Please note that funds from this grant are not to be used for non-specialized research assistance or personal stipend.


When will I hear back?

After the selection committee reviews all applications and makes a decision, you will hear back no later than November/December 2021.


For the two letters of recommendation, do they have to be from a faculty where I went to school at?

Please make sure to ask a faculty member (e.g. Lecturer or Professor) who can write on your research ability, and why you would make a good candidate for this grant.


If you happen to have worked/currently working with a professor outside of your university, you can ask them for a letter of recommendation, but please make sure the first letter of recommendation is from a faculty member from your current university. 


I'm from outside the United States, can I still apply for this grant?

Yes! We welcome all scholars from around the world to apply to our Assyrian Academic Research Grant, but at the moment, we require that the work is to be conducted in English.


Do I have to present my research at Assyrian Studies Association's educational webinars?

Yes! We require all grant recipients to attend and present their work at one of our educational webinars.


Do I have to submit a narrative report if I win the grant?

Yes! We require all grant recipients to submit a one-to-three page narrative report describing their research, how the funds were spent, and an itemized copy of all purchases made with the funds.

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