Help the Assyrian Studies Association expand our outreach efforts and provide more educational opportunities for students and scholars across North America to learn and teach about Assyrians in the classroom.

All are welcome to apply. Students can earn credit for volunteering, but consult with your university to acquire the necessary documents.

Learn how you can join us as a volunteer by choosing from the options below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Zooming on Tablet

Social Media Coordinator

(2 positions available)

Writing on Tablet

Grant Writer

(1 position available)

Community Outreach Coordinator

(2 positions available)

How to Apply:  Submit volunteer application to info@assyrianstudiesassociation.org

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply to be a volunteer?

Anyone can apply to volunteer with the Assyrian Studies Association. Students can volunteer and can earn college credit after consulting with their univerisites to recieve the documentation and bring it to us!

I'm a college student, is there a volunteer opportunity for me this summer?

Yes! We are always looking for college students to lend us a hand.

How long are volunteer assignments?

The average assignment is 2-3 months, but depending on your scheudle and if you are a college student, it could be adjusted.

Who can we contact if interested in a volunteer opportunity?

Please send the filled out application form to: info@assyrianstudiesassociation.org Someone from within the Assyrian Studies Association will contact you. Thank you!

Contact the Assyrian Studies Association Volunteer Program

Mailing Address:

Assyrian Studies Association

P.O. Box 632

Woodland Hills, CA 91365