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Webinar: Celebrity, Meaning, and Identity in Assyrian Pop Music: A Look at Linda George

Lecture by Nadia Younan, a Ph.D. Candidate of Ethnomusicology at the University of Toronto who will examine Assyrian pop music icon Linda George.

Webinar: Re-Imagining Ancient Assyrian & Mesopotamian History in 3D

Presentation by Nansy Khanano who will explore the Ancient Assyrian life and culture through her first prototype virtual reality (VR) experience.


Webinar Recording of The Queens of Ancient Nimrud Now Available!

Recording for the April 24, 2021 webinar, The Queens of Ancient Nimrud by Dr. Amy Gansell and Dr. Helen Malko.

ASA Welcome's New Board of Advisor!

Welcome Professor Valentine Moghadam to the Assyrian Studies Association's Board of Advisors!

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The Assyrian Studies Association (ASA) promotes interest in and academic study of the longue durée of the Assyro-Mesopotamian heritage through supporting research, scholarly publications, and collaborative projects. It facilitates contact and exchange of information between scholars, academic organizations, and communities across various disciplines. ASA functions as an instrument to advance studies on the Assyrian people and their culture on an academic level and beyond.