Assyrian Studies Association

The Assyrian Studies Association (ASA) promotes interest in and academic study of the longue durée of the Assyro-Mesopotamian heritage through supporting research, scholarly publications, and collaborative projects. It facilitates contact and exchange of information between scholars, academic organizations, and communities across various disciplines. ASA functions as an instrument to advance studies on the Assyrian people and their culture on an academic level and beyond.


Join us for a webinar talk with Dr. Michel Shamoon-Pour Saturday, June 13 at 3:00PM (EST) on the subject of Reading Ancient and Contemporary DNA: A Beginners Guide. Spots are limited and registration is required.


Grants now open!

Up to $2000 are available to authors, academic scholars, graduate students in various disciplines working  on promoting the Assyrian culture & heritage.


The Assyrian Studies Association promotes interest in and scholarly study of Assyrians and Assyria. It provides means for the publication of scholarly research and other materials designed to promote Assyrian studies. It promotes cooperative activities and exchange of information within the field and facilitates contact between scholars and scholarly organizations. 


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