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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Webinar Series

The Assyrian Studies Association's webinars focus on promoting the Assyrian heritage and culture. These webinars provide opportunities for participants to engage with scholars by joining in the conversation. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding our webinar series.


As an attendee, will I be visible on camera?

No. For the Assyrian Studies Association Webinar Series, we do not require our attendees to be visible on camera unlike our other online events such as book talks.


Will this Webinar be recorded?

Assyrian Studies Association works with our panelists to decide if a webinar will be recorded or not. If recorded, you can find the video present on our website the day after the scheduled webinar.


As an attendee, will I be able to ask questions to the panelists?

Yes! The Assyrian Studies Association fully welcomes our attendees to ask respectful questions to our panelists by using the Q & A feature during the webinar. 


How can I become a panelists on the Assyrian Studies Association's Webinar Series?

Thank you for your interest in wanting to take part of our exciting Webinar Series! In order to do so, a vetting process needs to occur. Please contacts us via email: to let us know if you are interested in becoming a panelists.


How can I access the webinar?

Assyrian Studies Association uses Zoom our online Webinar Series and Book Talks. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email from Zoom notifying you that you have successfully registered for the upcoming webinar. You will receive a 1-day reminder and a 1-hour reminder of the upcoming webinar. Simply click the 'Join Webinar' URL in the email to join.


I can't join by computer, can I join by phone?

Yes! Once you register for the webinar and receive an email from Zoom confirming your registration, at the bottom of the email their is a phone number to call to join the webinar.


What language will be used during the Webinar Series?

In all Assyrian Studies Association Webinar Series and Book Talks, we will be using English.

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